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Its a jungle of birds, raptors, whales, dragons, snakes, canines, sharks nearly a bit of everything :). BUT MOSTLY BIRDS!! :dummy:

Narrow-minded people not allowed. Shoo!

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Namaste! :D

I'm an Anglo-Indian hobbyist artist. I can draw both digitally and traditionally, a variety of real-animals and fantasy-animals. Art is a passion of mine, aside to reading and writing :)

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Second semester exam is done, last paper was today. First year in college is over, can hardly believe it, got an understanding how things are run. I'll be heading into second degree when college reopens. I don't know when that will be because nothing was announced, we'll probably get messages from the teachers. I hope it will be after summer ends. The heat is maddening over here. Well, at least it's mango season.

I forgot about April fools day because of the test, I never really had a prank in mind though. I'm hoping the holidays will last for a month at least I have a lot of pending art to get done with. I have been working on Inacio's reference sheet, was supposed to submit a long time ago but procrastinated and put if off. I just have to do a little more coloring and add some text before it's done. He also looks very different now, and kind of freaky with his colors. Color mutations are cool.
After that's done I want to be done with some other stuff that's been pending for a couple of years at least. Then maybe I'll work on a short sketchy-style comic featuring my chickens. 

On another note, while my exams were going on I started getting ideas for a new character and a possible idea of a fictional species of falcon. The 'sable' falcons, was what I'm thought of naming them though I'm not sure about finalizing that. They've got black, dark coppery red and gray colors, so I want a name that hints at their dark plumage. The character in mind, 'Xavier' as I've named him, is not a pure breed but 7/8th, the remaining 1/8th of his genes are a mix of other real species.
A few days later I thought that I might want to consider changing these 'falcons' into ospreys, because they actually resemble ospreys more. So maybe they'll be called Sable ospreys. This was weighing in my mind for a while so eventually I just wrote out a rough biography for Xavier so I could focus on my subjects. :XD: This is apparently a thing of mine, when I have exams, I make up story concepts. 
...I actually prefer normal exam stress compared to this, because this just distracts me. Thankfully though the exams were all okay. 

Eh, at the moment this is all just an idea of a project, but I might illustrate some of it later. I actually created dialogues in my head involving the main character and the side characters, because dialogue writing is fun.

Another thing is that my membership has run out. It doesn't really bother me that much since I'm not active enough to make use of all the benefits anyway. If I'm desperately in need of it I'll probably just open commissions later. 

Hmm... nothing much else, except that I've really got sucked into the world of Dragon Age, I've made a character for Inquisition. Also, during my game play I've run into some funny situations or glitches, haven't managed to get a screenshot of all but I've got a few.

Dragon Age 2 : 
1 by ShadowDagger We're being attacked by bandits and Merril (the elf mage, at the bottom of the image) comments that everything is so 'quiet'.

2 by ShadowDagger Carver (the guy with the battle axe) has a broken neck.

3 by ShadowDagger The team's killed a high dragon and Merril (white armor, standing near the dragon's lower jaw) can only think of planting flowers... okay...

Dragon Age Inquisition:
4 by ShadowDagger This officer's half buried in the ground.

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KumoriWind Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016… 

A commission I had done! :)
ShadowDagger Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh cool, the style looks so good!
KumoriWind Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016
Happy (Early) St. Patricks day! :)
ShadowDagger Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy (late) St. Patricks day! :XD: 
shprotte Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016
Hello! I decided to write you in spite of my fairly long absence, because I wanted to show one thing. Before New Year holidays, I did art with your characters, but not everything went smoothly for me, and so they have remained unfinished until now. Despite this, I still decided to post something, albeit in unfinished form. It would be a pity if they will be lost ( I'm already nearly lost their) Do not judge me harshly. Now I just do my Chernobyl art, and I did not have the strength to finish their…
ShadowDagger Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good to hear from you again. Don't worry about the art, the sketch looks great as it is, I love it. Thanks! :)
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