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Its a jungle of birds, raptors, whales, dragons, snakes, canines, sharks nearly a bit of everything :). BUT MOSTLY BIRDS!! :dummy:

Narrow-minded people not allowed. Shoo!

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle



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Commissions and stuff

:icongoofygrinplz: kept here because the icon is funny xD


Trades - Closed by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
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Trades are CLOSED.

Note: I won't draw mature/explicit themes. I can draw blood /damage /injuries /fights but nothing excessive.
I do not draw humans, humans are a win-lose situation, if the picture comes out right then I continue the pic, if it doesn't I pretty much abandon the pic, so no-can-do for commissions, sorry.


Re-doing the shading.
Fri Feb 12, 2016, 9:58 PM
Okay the BG is about 90% done.
Mon Feb 8, 2016, 8:31 AM
The background is gonna take a while...
Sun Feb 7, 2016, 5:30 AM
Got a sketch lined, hope to finish quickly :P
Sat Feb 6, 2016, 6:49 AM
I worked on some sketches, will digitalize one of them, the others might be worked on later or put together in a dump.
Wed Feb 3, 2016, 4:26 AM

Ideas + To do lists + pending art

Y U NO GET SMALLER by JLMagian:icony-u-notearplz:
to-do list:
:bulletred: - More art
:bulletred: - Reference sheet for Inacio
Stuff I'm waiting for: (This is not to stress anyone, I just need to keep track of things)
# Art Trade with F0st3rArt - Done, waiting for their half.
# Commish from ToffyNaNa - Fully body + colour.
Wanna try to-do list:
-Colour Scheme Challenge:…
-Expression variation meme:
-Avian Style Meme:…
Ideas, need-to-dos
-Color up sketches -…

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
ID made by :iconlannean:

Namaste! :D

I'm an Anglo-Indian hobbyist artist. I can draw both digitally and traditionally, a variety of real-animals and fantasy-animals. Art is a passion of mine, aside to reading and writing :)

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To do list
:bulletred: - Inacio's ref sheet

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UPDATE: Okay, exams cleared, though they were more like tests to be honest. Obviously I don't have much else to add so I decided to do this OC meme, it's like a minor character dissection.

Original here: Minor Character Sheet-OC Meme

Major character dissection here:Major Character Dissection I want to try this out sometime.

I've chosen Beth for this:

 Beth - ref sheet by ShadowDagger originally had another character in mind but I need to redevelop that bird, as well as redo a reference. This meme is actually human-based, but I'll change it accordingly.

Basic Information:
Full name: Beth Alcino, formally called ‘Bhura’

Title: (Well she’s a pet, so I don’t think she would need one.)

Nicknames: (None)

Gender: Female

Age: Roughly the equivalent of 48-ish

Occupation: Beth doesn’t have one, but I suppose she can be thought of like a ‘sentry’ since she’s meant to be like a watchdog.

Place of work: Her home?

Current town of residence: Hmm, I haven’t really planned this out since I don’t know much about Brazil. I should look into this, though partly thinking of making fictional places.

Hometown: Not specified, but she’s from a breeding farm from a village in Punjab, which is in north India.

Memberships: None.

Physical Aspects:

General size: Beth’s breed, the Java Aseels are tall birds due their long legs. Her height is around 24 inches, she weighs around 4 kilograms. She’s rather medium-ish for an Aseel.

Head and face shape: Her head is triangular/tear shaped from the side. Her face from the front is roundish. Her eye ‘ridges’ are rather prominent. She has a small cockscorb.

Hair: In this case, her feathers: Her wings, tail and head feathers are a darker shade of brown than the rest of her. She has some feathers than ‘droop’ down a little on either side of her cockscorb. There are also some feathers that stick out along the sides of her head like sideburns.

Eyes/Eyebrows: Beth’s eyes are brown, almost coffee colored. She has rather thick eyelashes. No eyebrows here, but she has really prominent eye ‘ridges’ which stand out and overshadow her eyes.

Nose: Eh, normal size I guess.

Mouth: Beak, in this case: Short, rather small but pointed. Slight gray with a faint beige tint to it.

Skintone: Well, her face is red. Her scaled feet are pale beige.

Bone structure: Lean but sturdy. Long legs and pointed feet.

Physical build/fitness: She’s aging and isn’t as fit or healthy as she once was. Her build is lean but sturdy though she probably can’t withstand as much damage as in her younger years. Beth has long legs and can appear very tall when she gets into an upright pose. She has a leg injury in her left leg which causes her to favor her right side more. Her toes are long, pointed and deadly. Because of her breed, she is much taller than the usual neighborhood chickens so she can be considered as a large hen.

Posture: Usually a docile, firm posture with a sloping back, lowered tail and head straight. Sometimes tucking her injured leg up.

Voice: Her voice is deep and sounds authoritative, though she is usually soft spoken when it comes to her son, Melanie and Inacio. When she does speak to other birds, it’s usually her spitting barbed words to intimidate and frighten them off from her territory. Her voice can become menacing and even quite creepy with her accent. She does have a Punjabi accent but it’s toned down considerably since she doesn’t live in India anymore. It comes up when she swears in Hindi.

Clothing: She’s a bird so…

…eh, I guess the Alcino family’s kids would’ve tried to stuff her into some stupid clothing or whatever,

Beth: But dhat surely won’t count, no?

Story: Can be found here:…

Relationship to characters: She is Inacio’s foster mother/guide/advisor. They are very close. She also knows of Novia and is content enough with her.

Other significant connections: She has old ties with Novia’s idol, Raider, and an unrevealed character that has some influence over Santiago. She is Bento’s blood mother, Melanie’s foster mother. She is the daughter of the former ‘King’ of her original farm, though this really isn’t that significant.

Impression on other characters: Folk usually get nervous around her at first, being as she is very headstrong and isn’t shy about making sarcastic remarks. Beth also inspects and sizes up others before actually speaking to them. Then again, she doesn’t speak much and only few birds actually befriend her.
She also likes scaring chicks with old fighting lore from her life in foreign lands as well as the actual fights from her life.

Relevant skills: Beth is unsurprisingly good at intimidating others. Her hearing is very sharp, as her life depended on being alert. She can fight like all fighter chickens do, but the style is based on speed as well as brute strength. Obviously, she reads and inspects her opponents for weaknesses well which has benefitted her when it comes to assessing others, though this is mostly limited to birds.

Relevant or important possessions: None.

Reason for introduction: [Why is he/she in this story?]

I liked the idea of a cockfighter bird character who escapes that brutal life. Brainstorming lead to the creation of Bento, who rejects it and favors using a slingshot instead. She was actually just a background character, just ‘Bento’s mom’ but eventually became the ‘parent substitute’ character for Inacio and Melanie. She is also pretty much the reason Bento is still alive and why he exists anyway. 

Method of introduction
: [How is he introduced, where, why, and to whom? How do the other characters react to his coming into the story?]

She is introduced to Melanie and Inacio as a ‘foreigner’ bird from a strange land that was lucky enough to find a safe haven from the streets of Brazil. She is scary and bizarre at first, but admirable and worthy of respect.

Method of departure: Hmm… well she remains at the home of the Alcino family with her son and Melanie, while Inacio shifts into the Spix’s macaw flock (I think that’s already obvious and not spoilerish). As much they aren’t completely defenseless, the jungle just isn’t their place.

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal)
Her accent isn’t as prominent but she tends to stress on the sounds ‘d’ and ‘r’, and sometimes ‘s’. She drawls out ‘Ey’ to call someone’s attention.

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): She limps after an amount of exertion as the deep scar on her leg never really healed completely. Wiggles her brows to signal curiosity at times.

Personality keywords: Blunt and forthright with what she thinks, she isn't always angry or scary though she does seem that way. Cunning and headstrong. Concerned and advises her kids or friends. 

Character keywords: Proud and not in the least bit submissive, protective, doesn’t deal with flights of fantasy. She is optimistic, learns from experience and trustworthy. 

This was actually more difficult than I expected. I know where the faults are, with the character's location and speech quirks. I don't have a clear idea on the difference of personality and character, I've probably switched something up :confused:.

Edit's end.


First journal of 2016. I don't have much to say again, but I need to update :XD:
Christmas wasn't all that great but it was alright, for some reason as the years go by people here seem to be celebrating less. We had a holiday on the first, since a lot of the students and teachers weren't going to come to college until the 4th, which is Monday.

I have an exam starting on the 11th but teachers haven't given any timetable yet so I don't know when it will end. It's a short one though so it should take just a week. I'll try and upload more art here after that, might put up more sketches this week, I know I haven't been drawing as much as I should mostly been procrastinating. 

I've been playing Dragon age 2, finished a play through with an imported save from Origins. I chose the 'Amell'/human mage origin in the first game so that both my Warden Commander and Champion Hawke could be related. Merril, Varric, Aveline are nice characters, I want to do fanart of them, even if my human(oid)s are still crude. I'm planning to replay it because I'm sure I skipped a lot of things. I've got a couple of comic ideas too. I've actually been having a lot of fanart/fiction ideas for this series though I've been debating on whether to work on them or not, again because I'm used to drawing animals. I really want to play DA: Inquisition too.



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